Mempool Tracker integrates seamlessly with Tatum SDK to provide mempool tracking capabilities for UTXO-based blockchains.

The Mempool Tracker serves as a specialized utility designed to monitor and keep track of new transactions entering the mempool. In the world of blockchain, the mempool represents a holding area for transactions that are waiting to be confirmed by the network. As transactions are broadcasted to the network, they are first placed in the mempool before being included in a block by miners.

Given the dynamic nature of the mempool, where transactions continuously enter and leave, it becomes essential for developers and blockchain enthusiasts to have tools that allow them to monitor this activity. This is where the Mempool Tracker steps in.

By leveraging the capabilities of the TatumSdkExtension, the MempoolTracker periodically polls the mempool at defined intervals, capturing and storing new transaction IDs. This enables users to:

  • Real-time Monitoring: Keep a watchful eye on the mempool's current state and understand the influx of new transactions.
  • Data Analysis: Analyze patterns or spikes in mempool activity, which can be indicative of network congestion or other network events.
  • Custom Notifications: Developers can build custom logic on top of the tracker, setting up notifications or alerts for specific transaction patterns or thresholds.

Example: Generate a menmonic

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