Transaction Simulator

Try this extension to simulate blockchain transactions using the Tatum SDK. It's simple and quick to integrate into your dApp.

The Transaction Simulator is designed to bolster the efficiency and security of blockchain transactions. It offers crucial capabilities such as:

  • Simulating native currency transfers.
  • Simulating ERC20 token transfers.

By leveraging these simulations, developers can:

  1. Estimate Fees Accurately: One of the primary challenges in sending blockchain transactions is determining an optimal gas fee that ensures quick confirmation without overpaying. By simulating a transaction before sending it, developers can get a precise estimate of the gas fee, saving costs and improving user experience.
  2. Enhance Safety: Simulating transactions allows developers to anticipate and catch potential errors or vulnerabilities in transaction logic. By identifying these issues in a simulated call, developers can prevent costly mistakes when deploying actual transactions.
  3. Optimize Transaction Parameters: Beyond just estimating fees, simulating transactions can help developers fine-tune other parameters, such as gas limit, to optimize transaction performance.

It is built upon popular packages like ethers, ensuring a robust, reliable, and secure foundation for all simulation activities.

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